SQL Stock Module

Maintain Stock Group

  • This feature allows you to easily to maintain the stock group information for you business.

Maintain Stock Item

  • You can maintain the stock items information for your company via this feature. Beside, this feature able to support multi-warehouse, multi-UOM, different customer price, different supplier price, price tag, alternative stock item, bar code and costing. Beside able to switch costing, SQL Accounting has support for standard, FIFO and weighted average of costing.

Maintain Stock Category

  • This is the feature which allows you to maintain the stock category information for particular stock item. For instance, a stock category template name hand phone will consists of a list of hand phone category such as SAMSUNG, NOKIA, MOTOROLA and etc.

Maintain Stock Category Template

  •  It is a feature to help you to group the related stock category under one common template.

Maintain Stock Price Tag

  • SQL Accounting enable you to maintain the stock price tag for your business via this feature.

Maintain Item Template

  • With this feature, SQL Accounting enables you to group the related stock items under once common template. It is a shortcut to allows you to append all the relate items at once under a common template. For instance, a item template name prepaid card consists of a list of prepaid cards (e.g. Maxis Prepaid RM100, Maxis Prepaid RM60, Celcom Prepaid RM100, Celcom Prepaid RM50, etc) information.

Maintain Location

  • SQL Accounting has support this feature to allows you to maintain the stock location (warehouses) details of your company.

Stock Received

  • We enable you to easily to maintain the stock received for your company internal use purpose. For instance, the director place back the stock items after he has no longer used.

Stock Issue

  • This feature enable you to maintain the stock issue for your company internal use. For instance, the director may take particular stock items for own used purpose.

Stock Transfer

  • Here, SQL Accounting has support this feature where it enables you to transfer a particular stock items from one location (warehouse) to another location (warehouse) of your company.

Stock Adjustment

  • SQL Accounting include this feature to enables you to maintain/ adjust the stock level in different branches within your company.

Bill of Material

  • This feature has include stock item assemble, stock item disassemble, and various type of reports such as BOM listing, BOM material usage, BOM planner and BOM wastage report.


  • SQL Accounting has support a wide range of reports include stock document listing, stock reorder advice, stock physical worksheet, stock card, stock month end balance, stock aging and stock analysis by document.


  • Compare to others accounting software, SQL Accounting include real time post, costing calculation is date sensitive - you can back date transaction, costing calculation inter warehouse transfer, extremely accurate in costing calculation, and multi-generate interwarehouse transfer in costing calculation.


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