General Ledger Module

Chart of Account Maintenance

  • Accounts are display in tree like format is can drag and drop. SQL Accounting allows you to maintain foreign currency account, asset account, manufacturing account with ease .

Cash Book Entry

  • The SQL Accounting provide user-friendly screen for you to maintain payment voucher and official receipt with ease.

Journal Entry

  • SQL Accounting includes journal entry, allowing you to maintain journals(e.g: purchase 2 automobiles from a car dealer) for your company

Foreign bank adjustment

  • This feature enablesyouto maintain local carrying value of foreign bank balance.

Maintain Opening Balance

  • Similar with maintain account, here the accounts are also display in tree like format, you can easily to maintain the opening balance (local DR, local CR) for each account.

Bank Reconciliation

  • With SQL Accounting, we introduce this feature to allows you to recon the bank transactions from each bank accounts with simple mouse clicks.

Maintain Stock Value

  • SQL Accounting provide this feature enables you easily to maintain the closing stock value of each month.


  • A very user-friendly and interactive screen allows you to maintain monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly budget for each account.


  • The SQL Accounting provide a wide range of reports such as G/L document listing, journal of transaction listing, transaction summary listing, ledger report, trial balance, receipt and payment report, profit and loss statement, and balance sheet statement.


  • Compare to others accounting software, SQL Accounting provides the opportunities for user to maintain different project/ department accounts to suit their business needs. Beside, SQL Accounting has embedded with the features of odd financial date, it is use for those company with accounting start period which is not start from the beginning of the month to end of the month (e.g: 22 Aug 2004 to 31 Aug 2004).
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